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Wavemonitor BuoyThe Wavemonitor is a rugged, reliable wave measuring buoy developed from experience gained from over 25 years of wave measurement in the notoriously extreme ocean environment off the southern African coast. It has been thoroughly tested and satisfactorily compared to other commercially available wave buoys.

Sea surface displacement with time is derived from the displacement obtained through double-integrating the vertical acceleration of the buoy. The buoy features an inertially stabilised accelerometer transducer which is insensitive to either horizontal or rotational movement. The wave data are transmitted to a Wavelogger shore station by means of HF radio.

Rugged design capable of withstanding severe spinning, rolling and impacts
Modular design with easy access to components through the top cover for servicing and replacement
Inexpensive battery replacement making use of alkaline cells, which reduces servicing costs
High measurement resolution and accuracy
Compatible with other high frequency radio telemetry systems
Low current consumption providing long deployment intervals between battery replacement

Wave height range: 20m
Resolution: 9mm
Frequency response: 0,04 to 5Hz
Damping factor: 0,707
Sensitivity to horizontal acceleration: < 2%
Non-linearity and hysteresis: 1% of span
Mass: 95kg
Dimension: 720mm diameter sphere
Hull material: Stainless steel 316
Battery life: > 7 months
Quantity: 2 Packs per buoy
Potential: 22V
Pack configuration: 60 Alkaline "D" cells
Capacity: 80Ah/buoy

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